Mark this in the history books

This past weekend was one of my favorites for oh so many reasons....

I got to celebrate AAD's 25th with her and old/new friends...its so nice to be surround by people you have such great history with for such a great reason like a birthday...we had some spirits and chats at a few places in Ferndale and then called it a night at the respectable hour of 3 am.

The next morning (later that day) I was up at 8 am, ready to get started on the lawn...except there were no headphones in the house. You see, I like to jam when I mow the lawn, really jam, dance moves and all...it doesn't make the lawn look better but its great fun and a great work out! Oh well, I found a spare pair of earplugs and went to it...you should see our backyard, I mow it in a triangle!

After that, T was home from work so we had waffles and bacon, the staple of our weekend breakfasts, before I headed out to hang with Mrs. L. I got to look at the L's wedding photos that they just received and they were gorgeous. Every time I look at wedding photos I'm reminded of shots we never got, and of just how creative the photogs can get with each couple. I loved the decorations they had and the reception looked like it was a lot of fun! After that Mrs. L and I headed out to get pedicures, eat Panera (try the Strawberry Poppyseed salad...I'll have to remember next time to get chicken on it) and wander about shopping in the city of B'ham.

We'd been discussing a recipe that she was going to cook to surprise Mr. L later so we headed off to the grocery store to pick up supplies for the surprise. With all the planning we did I'm sure it turned out great and I hope he really liked it!

After my afternoon with Mrs. L, I went home to pamper my own husband. I tried a new recipe myself, Chicken with Grapes in Cream Sauce and Couscous and I must say, it turned out very well. I got no complaints, seconds were had and even the leftovers were eaten the next day, the mark of a delicious meal! After dinner we went to buy ice cream and toppings and came home to make our own ice cream sundaes and have movie night. We watched Fargo, which I was told would be more of a comedy. It was funny, except for the head shootings, chin shootings, people being woodchipped and gratuitous hooker hook-ups! All in all a great date night...

Sunday morning I got the pleasure of spending time with KCC B'ham's under 2 set. The kids were in perfect form, all just playing together and having the best time. My arms are still hurting today from the little boy that just wanted to be held the whole time. Its worth it to see them smile though.

After church we commenced with our Sunday routine of brunch/lunch and napping for an undisclosed period of time. This Sunday it was for about 5 hours! Finally getting up we decided to have dinner and go for a walk. I love our walks cause its a great time to open up with out the computer or TV or something else you have to do getting in the way. Its just me and T and nature. Lastly we tried to stay up and watch Dune, as we checked it out of the library and this was the last night we had to watch it before it had to go back. Let me tell you, I'm not one for sci-fi flicks, but this one was funny, though I don't think it was supposed to. My favorite thing is that the actor that played Trey McDougal in SATC was in this movie and I couldn't stop laughing.

I pray for more weekends like this one.

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