The night off

Tonight I have the night off, so to speak.

T will be headed to a friends for the night, which leaves me with no entertainment for the evening! Just kidding, it gives me time to indulge in some personal time and things that I've been putting off.

Tonight I think I'll take the time to do my nails, watch a chick flick, call my girlfriends that I haven't heard from in a while, make dinner that only I like, and enjoy our house to myself. Perhaps I'll even take a walk - its three days into the week and I haven't worked out yet!

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  1. I'm so inspired by how you and T are so focused on being good stewards of the money God has given you to use! I'm taking some lessons from you.

    I will email the chicken & couscous recipe to you today.

    Also, love the new banner on the blog. Very cute!



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