Week 1 - done

Just a small check in on some of my July goals:

Went on 3 walks this past week (some harder than others) and mowed the backyard, in a triangle!

Found a recipe for Lemon Roasted Chicken that I plan to try, along with a Chicken and Couscous recipe from Mrs. O that I have to pick up

I did say no one outing this week and though it was hard, I felt much better afterwards

Somehow I still have 1/2 tank of gas so I think I kept it under $30 since I didn't spend anymore...we'll see about this week, we have some travels about 30-40 minutes away at least 2x this week in addition to work...

Up to $2.70 in personal snowflakes, due to buying dinner for T and I last night and "keeping the change"

P.S. I have another challenge that I never posted, to take my lunch to work everyday in July. Last week I made it through, and so far, so good with this week ( I have leftovers in the fridge today). My treat if I make it to Friday without buying lunch...I get a chocolate shake on the way home from work! Wish me luck.

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