My letter to Capital One

Dear Capital One,

You are so sneaky, how did I not see this coming. Thanks to my OCD over our finances, I caught this before it was too late. You see, a few months ago, you changed our due date. You moved it up by a day, which in the grand scheme of things is not something to worry about. I had gotten used to that 2nd of the month due date. Just as we were getting comfortable in our repayment groove, you go and move it again! The 1st, with no warning! Oh Capital One, so so sneaky. I had read about this move before, as a way for CC companies to make money off of late fees since people don't read their statements closely all the time. I never thought you would stoop to this though.

I'm here to tell you that I will be making the payment when I want to from now on. Not on your due date or near your due date. I will be making it right when you bill me, and sometimes even before you bill me, when I see fit. You see, Cap (if I may call you that), I'm done with your due date games. You're not going to get me with your late fees . You can go tell your other Visa and Mastercard friends that we pay on our schedule now. Go sulk with Chase in the corner, so you can find out how he feels with his $0 balance...because that's where you are headed.

Mrs. W

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  1. You tell 'em RAW! Those turkeys! I love your letter to Sneaky Cap. Be careful, though, about making that payment before your billing cycle. I have heard that sometimes they will not apply it to the next cycle- so you end up making an extra payment in one billing cycle, and still need to make another payment the next. That must be in the fine print somewhere. If you haven't already read all the fine print, that might be a good goal for October. But your list-making will probably suffer because of it. : )

    You Know Who


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