I second that, v.4

Two weeks in the making, check out the stuff that I loved lately:

Gradgirl over at This Writer's Wallet tells a story of friends loaning money to one another and the not so favorable outcome...sadly I've been through this situation, my friend and I don't talk anymore due to the deception that came about from this situation...the moral of my story is the same as Gradgirl's, don't lend money, give it free with no strings.

Design Sponge showcases one of my favorite color combinations: Yellow and Grey
I'm still looking for a way in incorporate this combo into our house somehow...office, baby room (one day!), master bedroom...love it.

I'm more of a surprise flowers girl myself, but Joanna at A CUP OF JO displays a cute idea of 52 weeks of flowers that I wouldn't be opposed to. (T if you read this, no pressure!)

Now voyager shows a still from a skit by improve everywhere of a subway car filled with identical twins.

Confession: I love The Hills and I don't care who knows it...maybe its my years of living in LA that makes me love them, but I would have known the answer to this question about my old neighbors featured on Jeopardy.

More DIY stuff to try one day...this time a Sherry at This Young House shares how to upholster a headboard...I really like the green of the headboard in the guest room.

Have a great weekend. Mine will be filled with a bit of in state travel, friends, and an ice luge!

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