July mid month check-in

Here's where things stand mid July!!!

First, I added a few more graphs in the sidebar to clarify how our debt is broken up. We have it spread out over 4 different cards with differing interest rates and limits. The cards are listed in the order we plan to pay them off, by highest to lowest interest rate. The percents shown for each card represent something different than the percent shown for our total debt payoff bar. The percent in the total payoff bar is related to the amount we've paid for our total CC debt that is listed, $13,689.33. The percent listed for each card is actually the utilization percent of that card (I didn't write down our starting debt balances for each card, just the total debt, so now this is what we have to work with!) so the 51% on Card #1 indicates we are using 51% of its total $6,200 credit limit. One day they will all be at 0% but until then, they are where they are and you can see how they move!

Card #1 - $3,169.09/$6,200 - 51%
Card #2 - $4,090.65/$6,500 - 63% (this one is going nowhere fast - 0% offer)
Card #3 - $1,519.26/$2,500 - 61%
Card #4 - $1,758.21/$2,000 - 88%
Paid vs. Total - $3,152.12/$13,689.33 - 23% of the way to CC debt elimination!

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