Friday, Friday!

I couldn't be more excited for this weekend.

Last night was a late night up celebrating Mrs. C's big accomplishment! Congrats again! It was awesome to hear you speak and to see others in your field praise you for your hard work. Also, she referenced what is slowly becoming one of my favorite bible chapters, Jeremiah 29!

Due to the late night, this evening will be filled with cleaning and napping and planning.

Planning for what you say? Well some surprises, some makeovers, and some finances.

The biggest thing I'm going to plan for is a makeover to my office at work. I'm excited cause I don't think I'm going to spend any money (mine or my org's) and I'll be able to unclutter and reorganize things to be more productive. I just have to get a good plan in my head first.

Also this weekend we'll be celebrating EO's big number 1 birthday with Mr. and Mrs. O, JO, and the O's family and friends!!! I have never been to a kid's party as an adult but I'm sure I can expect the same as an adult party, just with kids and better cake...and probably less profanity.

And if you are wondering where my "I second that..." is, well lets just say I wasn't inspired by much this week...perhaps you'll see more next week...

Enjoy your weekend, 'cause I know I will!

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