Bartering is back in style

This weekend was a blast...yes I said blast, how old am I?

We spent most of Saturday hanging out with the O's for EO's 1st birthday. It was a sight to see that little boy tear through his b-day cupcake, with frosting smeared across his face. It was the mark of a great birthday, surrounded by family, cake, presents and friends, what else would you want at the age of 1.

We capped off the night with a bit of bonfire/smore action. Here's where the deals went down.

First let me say that, the O's are moving. To FL. Well despite the mini waterfalls I hid well at the fire side, we were able to come to a win-win-win (!!!) situation. Since they are moving to a more temperate (read: no snow) location, we thought "You'll have no need for that snowblower over there, will you D?...No sir." Score...the second win came, when realizing I still hadn't posted an ad for some extra luggage we had at the house, the barter started, "Snowblower for luggage? Yes." The third win you ask? Mother nature, as no new resources were used in this transaction. You can thank us all later.

Sunday was a mesdames' day at the ball park. Leaving the misters at home, we drove on down to the city, enjoyed a hot dog and a beer or two, the sun shine and our great seats behind home plate. The Tigers won and we like to think it was because of us.

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  1. I am a representative of the infamous "O" family, and am very pleased with our barter. I wish we could turn our entire financial system into a barter system. "What, don't like that car, well have I got a house for you!" : )


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