To go, postpone, or cancel a.k.a. The wedding's off!

So this week we were faced with some sad news: my friend N called off her wedding.

[moment of silence]

After getting past the shock of the actual announcement that the wedding would no longer be taking place, T and I started to think of our options now that our summer trip was in limbo. Our tickets to get to NY are non-refundable which leaves us with these choices and their levels of costliness-

We could:
a.) Still go to NY and visit with N, though our reservations and all were closer to the wedding/reception venue (about an hour from N's place). This would entail an extra cost as we would then have to rent a car to go see her and the city. $$$

b.) Postpone our trip to the same destination. We really have no need to go to that part of NY, especially for the short amount of time the trip would be for (roughly 30 hours). $$

c.) Cancel our trip to NY. We can still get a refund of our hotel costs (minus a $25 cancellation fee) and use that money plus the spending money we were going to use on our trip towards something else. This would just leave us with a loss of $341 for tickets and $25 to cancel overall. $

Decisions to come in the near future...my prayers are with N in this time of change and re-evaluation.

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