Mid-June check up

18% of the way...not much of a change but its headed in the right direction.

The mid-month check-ins always look discouraging since the biggest payments come on the 28th of the month.

Now that I know how to use it, my debt sidebar has been updated with the new totals.

At this pace we should be about 50% of the way by April of 2009, not including any snowflakes that pop up along the road.

Our original goal was to be out of CC debt by the end of 2010, just over 2.5 years. Once I forecasted our payments, interest, extra paycheck payments and what not, I realized that we could be done much sooner, so our deadline got moved up. Currently, the deadline is early 2010, around February, though honestly I'd like to beat that and come in debt free before the new year. My personal goal is to help us achieve CC debt freedom by 12.31.09!

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