Things we aren't doing with our money

As we pay down debt, there are things we aren't doing with the money that we are using to pay down the debt:

not eating out as much
not seeing family as much
not traveling out of the country
not putting a deck on the house
not having a child
not sprucing up the lawn
not owning a grill

Things T isn't doing with his money:
buying computer upgrades at ridiculously cheap prices
buying out Under Armour's entire inventory
buying tools to spruce up our home
buying new video games

Things RA isn't doing with her money:
buying excessive amounts of fashion, home, and design magazines
buying a new wardrobe with the change of every season
buying new shoes to match each outfit and mood

I'm sure there are more and when I think of them, I'll let you know.

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  1. Wow. That makes me a little down.

    Seems like a follow-up is order, filled with the things you ARE doing with your money and the things you WILL BE ABLE to do with your money in the future. :)

    Keep it up!


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