I signed up for Ebates.com a while back after reading some good reviews on it. I had a bit of money saved up to buy clothes and since I didn't really have the want or time to go to a mall and shop around, I decided now was a perfect time to get some cash back on some big purchases.

Basically it's a shopping portal where you go to their site first, then you click through to the site you really want to go to, buy what you want, checkout, and a few days later you get the cash back credited to your ebates.com account. They send out checks 4 times a year as long as your account has $5.01 in non-promotional funds (i.e. from purchases, not referrals or sign up bonuses.)

This week, the cash back from my two purchases was credited to my account. I don't have enough to get a check disbursed at the next go round, but we'll see (I have until 6/30.)

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