Lessons learned about life from grocery shopping with my husband

Every week we go grocery shopping together, and almost every week some minimal "discussion" comes from the shopping trip.

Someone decides on food the other doesn't like.
Someone puts food in the basket that isn't on the agreed upon list.
Someone wants to cut costs and go generic.
Someone really likes cookies, expensive chocolatey cookies.

Despite the several tactics that have been put into place to avoid such "discussions", such as creating a list together, shopping only the aisles with items on the list, and even prayer before entering the store, without fail the "discussions" keep coming.

This past trip, the "discussion" left us both exhausted with shopping together. It also left us with this lesson on life and our marriage: the more communication, the better, always.

We learned that even when we are saying things the other doesn't want to hear, at least we are saying them and not bottling them up inside. Whether it be about beer choice (Miller High Life or Coors Light?) or babies (are we ready or not?) or even what to do with the $5.50 in bottle return money, openly communicating with the other person in the moment can help a great deal.

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