July Goals

As a conversation starter the other night, I asked T to think of some personal goals for the month of July and I did the same. This is what we came up with:

T's goals:
  • Get a BBQ grill at no cost
  • paint the inside of the garage, again
  • learn to cook 1 new dish
  • love my wife...everyday

RA's goals:
  • use treadmill/go walking 3x week
  • learn to make a new dish (this way we'll have a least 2 new recipes under our belts)
  • say "no" to one outing a week (which will help with the next goal...)
  • stay within $30/week for gas
  • $75 snowflakes...with $10 being personal snowflakes
We'll check back in on these at the end of July and see how we did.

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