Unexpected Thank You

I had been helping out with my church's high school ministry, assisting a bit at the large night get togethers and tri-leading a small group of girls with two other 20-somethings a while back. Some time after my birthday in April, my participate and invitation to participate (equal parts) began to wane. The school year started to come to an end and I figured that my "job" was done for now and I would look forward to the new school year and the opportunity to volunteer again.

I enjoyed my short time with both the teen girls that were part of the group and the two old women (guess you can call us women - I was the oldest one!) It was inspiring to hear high school girls speak about issues and things openly and honestly. It brought me back to different discussions my friends and I had at that time of our lives. How I miss my youth sometimes.

Well when I checked the mail on Friday, there was a card in there from the high school ministry staff. It was a thank you for the time I had given to help out, for the passion I must have to work with kids and for just being a part this experience. That was thank you enough but they also included a $5 gift card to Starbucks. I'm not the largest fan of coffee but T is, so we walked up to Starbucks near our house, bought him some beans and walked on home.

Since we buy him coffee anyway as part of our grocery budget, we decided that we'd snowflake the $5 as a payment to our CC debt. Thanks to our church we are $5 closer to our goal!

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