We've been stimulated, bro!

That's what I just told T on the phone a few hours ago, alerting him that our economic stimulus payment had been direct deposited in our joint checking account! It sounds better when you actually hear me say it...

We've already got plans for the money, plans that T and I have been mulling over for the past few months. Half will be for fun, the other half serious.

We will be spending some of the money on our trip to NY for my friend's wedding. After I agreed to sing for their ceremony/weekend/wedding extravaganza, only then did I think about the total costs that will be incurred with traveling there, staying the night, getting around, and of course eating. No need to worry too much now, as some of that stimulus is earmarked for this trip in particular.

The other half of the money is going to, you guessed it, debt repayment. I couldn't be happier unless it was all going to debt, but we have to have some fun, right? Once the payment gets sent off we'll be 15% of the way to paying off our CC's in full. That's cause for a mini celebration. Perhaps milkshakes and a movie this weekend, yum!

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