The true cost

$4.09. The cost of a gallon of gas at the most expensive station along my route to work this morning. It had been hovering at $3.98 for about a week at this station as the rest rose to meet it. Then finally today I saw it.

Yesterday I was really gung ho about trying to take the bus to work occasionally when the weather was suitable or I didn't have errands to run. With this price creeping up, I thought it might help out a bit. Besides, I've ridden the bus consistently before and I think I'm the better for it.

But then I started to look at the true cost of my cost-saving strategy.

I would have to get up earlier.
I would get home later, which cuts into my time with T.
I would be at the mercy of the SMART system.
We would still be paying for car insurance and our lease on the days I'm not using it.
*T would worry.*

That last one is the kicker. The true cost of saving money with this strategy would be an increase in worry for my husband. And that costs too much.

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