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So about 6 months ago we moved into our first home thinking the problems associated with renting would soon be over once our lease ran out on our old apartment. We diligently paid rent every 1st of the month. Finally our lease was up on 3.31.08. We could see the end, all that was left was to wait for our security deposit and we wouldn't have to deal with landlords ever again.

We were wrong to think it was that simple. When we turned in our keys on 3.19 we asked if there would be any deductions and if we would receive the refund within 30 days from that day. We were told everything was fine, no deductions would be made and yes we'd have the money by 4.18.

Sadly, it took numerous emails, phone calls and an in-person visit to finally receive a refund...a partial refund. The rental company took out money for the last month of utilities that we hadn't received a bill for yet and the month prior to that as well, since at the time they pulled a billing report it hadn't been paid.

All in all I'm fine with the last months utilities being paid already, one less thing for us to worry about. But the prior month's is a large error on their part, as the payment posted for the utilities on 4.4.08, 4 days after the billing report was pulled, and 15 days before we met to get the refund. Why they didn't pull a more recent report before deducting that amount I'm not sure, but I'm sure of one thing: they really like hearing my voice and couldn't bear the thought of not hearing from me any more.

By 5.1.08 this should all be squared away!

Onto the sunny skies part...we will be consumer debt free by November 2010 at the latest! That is pretty far away but makes me really happy to have a deadline to look forward to. I know we're going to beat the 11/10 deadline by many months though, due to our new found strategy of snowflaking. More on that one day soon.

*Cloudy date update* Logged into my student loan account to show T how my interest rate had dropped and they are saying my account is delinquent! The amount is automatically deducted from our checking account every month on the due date (the 20th of each month). The last payment received was on 3.20 and the next is due 4.20...its 4.19! The system says I'm one day delinquent when I really have one more day left til they do their job and deduct it just like they did last month and the months before!

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