Alls quiet

Here at my new office all is quiet...the gentlemen I work with/for are in an out all week. The sad reason it seems to be all quiet is from the letting go of my only other female co-worker last week. Details spared, it was a good decision, but now...mostly silence. I guess that's what I get from working with a bunch of men. It is not all bad though.

On the Debt-free front, I've recalculated some things and realized that we'll be out of debt even sooner than originally estimated! There is only one drawback to this whole plan...its all an estimate. There is only so much that is in our hands to control, really its all up to God how things will work out. I'm still excited for this all to start rolling along faster 'cause there are some other goals that I'll share at a later date that sort of hinge on this happening and the faster, the better. (Here's a hint about one...four legs and fur!)

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