Mid Month Finance update

I'm a bit psycho about our finances ever since I did a forecast of how long it will take us to get rid of CC debt, and today I decided to just do a check of how we are doing so far. I figured that by checking in on our status we'll get a morale boost that our frugalness isn't all for nothing.

Well I'm pleased to report that we are 10% of the way there! I know that doesn't seem like much, but to me I'm elated. Its a start and that's just what it is supposed to be. We know we have to start somewhere and I'm glad that we got our act together when we did. Its not that we've ever been terribly bad with money, we just could have been better and now we're getting there!

Even more exciting than our 10% payoff so far is that as soon as we are economically stimulated by our good old government, we'll be at 15%. How's that for stimulation...

As a side note: We started budgeting with the envelope method, using physical envelopes to sort out where our money should go. I am so glad that we instituted some fun money as well, i.e. entertainment and eating out. Last night when I got home, T looked at me and said "How about Fridays?" and it was nice to just say, "Yes!" and know that we had money set aside for just such things without breaking the bank or figuring out who should pay for it.

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