My 29th

My birthday weekend was so awesome that I didn't take a single picture. Here's what went down:

  • Woke up with Ham and cuddled as long as I could before Bird wanted to join in the fun.
  • Ham is no good at sharing and gets bored with girl time so he headed back to bed while Bird and I had breakfast: ice cream, strawberries, and eggos. It's my birthday.
  • Ham figured we'd had enough girl time and decided to break up the party after a couple hours. 
  • Bird decided that now would be a good time to vomit for the first time in her life. All over the floor. Happy birthday, mom.
  • I've never dealt with another person's vomit in my life.
  • Cleaned that up and ushered everyone into a early nap time.
  • Proceeded to give myself an at home birthday spa day, complete with shower, hair styling, manicure and pedicure. Successful.
  • Cleaned up a bit so the place isn't a total crazy house for T when he gets home and I run out the door. 
  • Ordered pizza to go from a place around the block when T called to say he was on his way home.
  • Packed everyone in the stroller and speed walk to get pizza.
  • Made it back home just in time for T to pull up.
  • Enjoyed two bites of delicious sausage and pepperoni pizza before Ham wakes up from his sleep by projectile vomiting, all over himself and his car seat. Happy birthday, mom.
  • My kids are so thoughtful. That's how you know you are getting older, when other people throw up on your birthday.
  • Was surprised by T with token of his affection.
  • Texted friend, Kelly, that I will be taking a later train to Chicago to come see her due to child vomiting, but never fear, I'll be there!
  • Unpacked bag and got dressed for the night to save some time once I arrived. Impromptu dance party with T, girl, and boy.
  • Packed the car up and headed to the commuter train station.
  • Enjoyed two hours of music in my headphones, silly fiction on the iPad, and watching the crazies that are ever present on public transit (Miller Lite man upstairs on the train, I'm talking to you.)
  • Saw Kelly's smiling face when I disembarked from the EL train near her apartment. Girl time can begin and I'm just Rachel for the next 16 hours.
  • Dinner was had, dancing was done, and drinks were imbibed. In style, of course.
  • Did I mention it was Friday the 13th...I attribute all the crazy from today to that fact.
  • I got to sleep in and wake up on my own for the first time in I can't remember how long. 
  • We stopped into a local breakfast place and I indulged in some mango and berry topped french toast.
  • I headed back home to my Mister and my littles, trying to stay awake on the train after too much fun and good food.
  • We enjoyed nachos and played lazies for the rest of the weekend.
29, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of you.

p.s. I have less than a year to complete this list. Yikes!

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