I swear I got a lot done

Boy, I sure have been busy, right?

I hate neglecting this little space but that seems to be the first to go when life gets a little full.

What have I been up to you ask:

*My little family helped Andrea with her promo for her shop, Flair in her Hair, and I have to say, it warms my heart to watch it. Her husband, Ryan, owner of Epic Motion, shot all the footage and it is just a little vignette of our funny little girl and her parents doing what we do best, enjoying our time together. I was so proud of her because she did so well the whole shoot, despite not starting until her bedtime.

Flair in Her Hair from Epic Motion on Vimeo.

*I have been getting ready for my first craft show, July 4th, in Clawson! My display is almost complete and I've been stitching the nights away to complete some new inventory for the show. I've been so lucky to have so much help getting ready, from my mom helping with my tablecloth to T working hard on my stand up display. This show will be the first of a few I'll be doing this summer, alongside Miss Andrea and I'm so excited to get out there, meet some new folks and show my work.

*I've been doing some knitting on a project that I'll show off soon enough, but rest assured, I can't wait to reveal the final product!

The summer is always a busy time and this one is sure to be full. I can't wait to share all of our adventures!

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