i'm 28

good news:
I made it to another birthday

bad news:
I'm still a homeowner {update: til Friday!}

plans for the day:

{updated} my plans for the day were blank before because I really didn't have any. Lucky for me I got some made for me.

I got to have breakfast with T and enjoy a little play time with Bird before he had to head into work and I headed off for a little me time. Thanks to Andrea, I got a couple hours to myself and went and had a manicure at the Aveda salon in downtown Royal Oak! I headed back to hang with Andrea and our littles for a bit, got to meet her neighbor and Bird got to play in a bounce house (which she loved!)

Now all is quiet as Bird is sleeping and I'm catching up on work before T takes us to dinner and I get to see my parents this evening!

More on birthday surprises later this week.

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