Happy renters!

As of last Friday, we are no longer homeowners!

There were so many little setbacks that popped up along the way, especially these last two weeks. From last minute upgrades to the house to the buyer going to the wrong office to sign the closing documents, we ran right up to the last hour. In the end all the papers got signed and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief.

The best part of the whole closing was after everyone left the real estate office. We were sitting in the car and the new owner and her man were walking out of the office. She looked so happy and then she broke out into a dance + started jumping up and down! She had no idea we were watching. To see the sheer joy that we helped bring her, that moment was worth it all. We couldn't be more grateful that the house has moved on to make someone else happy for a season of their life.

We are still getting settled in our new place, the last of the boxes + bins should be emptied this week. I'm looking forward to making this place our home. I'll be sure to share some photos as soon as things settle down a bit.

Happy Monday from your happy renters!

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