4 less teeth

2 days post op and all I want to do is this:

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T has been such a lifesaver these past couple days taking on full care of Bird and myself. He's been doling out my meds, making us all our meals, keeping Bird on schedule and sneaking a nap or two for himself along the way.

About the whole getting my wisdom teeth out situation: I made a big deal out of nothing. I'm recovering fine and despite the nausea from the pain meds, which seems to be cured by sleeping (darn!), things are pretty normal around here.


In other random news, we finally have a walker! Not as early as we first predicted, but our little Bird has surprised us and started toddling around on her own the last couple of days. Add to that her ever adventuresome nature and want to climb and jump off of chairs and I really have my hands full over here.


I can't believe Bird will be 1 in 10 days. Trying not to freak out.

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