So excited I almost forgot to share.

Another shop update, just in time for my holiday giveaway, which you still have 10 hours to enter (!)


a story:

So I read this a little over a month ago and thought, this is for me. I quietly crafted my submission email and sent it off in the wee hours of the night, divulging this only to T. I was excited and nervous and didn't know what to make of it all except that I wanted the position.

After a phone interview and some time had passed I finally received word that I got it! I am so excited to be joining the papernstitch team as their intern, to gain an amazing experience and to use my skills to help from right here at home with my little lady by my side! I don't think things could have turned out any better and it feels like another great Christmas present.

Enjoy your holidays and I'll be back with giveaway results in the morning!

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