Christmas #2, through

Christmas #2 with my family happened this morning.

We let Bird stay the night at my parents and she got to have fun playing with her Aunt Charisma and Uncle Jimmy and running her grandparents ragged.

In the morning we came over and had a little breakfast. My other brother Charles came by and we opened Bird's presents and the ones that we made for our family since we wouldn't be there Christmas day.

Again I was completely in awe of the generosity of family and amazed at how the simplest things made Bird smile and laugh. I was also stunned and smitten with the special gift my Dad got me, just for his one and only baby girl. It made me feel special.

Bird was again very spoiled, with learning toys, musical instruments, gifts to save for the future, stuffed animals, and things to keep her warm to name a few.

One more Christmas to go.


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