Happy Weekend!

Bird is napping now after being up from 9 am til 2. Miss Shannon came over to have lunch with us and I think Bird was so excited to see her she powered through with no nap. Hopefully she wakes up in a little while because we have a little adventure to go on when T gets home. The weather was so nice again today that after some quesadillas and fresh made guac and chips, Shannon, Bird and I went out for another little walk around the neighborhood. It was great to just catch up, be out in the fresh air, and walk off a bit of our delicious lunch. I hope you all are starting your weekends off just as nicely. Here is what we have planned for the rest of ours:

Tonight: Headed to the cider mill once T gets home from work! I haven't been in a long time but my bro keeps bringing me their cider and donuts and I have a hankering for some fresh ones. Here's hoping the lines aren't too long.

Saturday + Sunday: Taking it easy. No real plans, probably some family visits and good food.

I'm starting to see a pattern and so is my scale.


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