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Today Bird and I went on a shopping girls day out, complete with a trip to the mall, Target and the grocery store. She was a trooper, eliciting admiration from passersby, even when she was a little upset by how long everything was taking.

While out at the mall browsing for new fall clothes (since the internets have given me such inspiration lately) I realized what it was that I have been feeling in the past couple weeks as I flitted from Forever XXI to J. Crew to American Eagle and back. I'm in between.

I'm not in college anymore, but I'm wondering about a new career.
It is not just the two of us any more but I'm fairly certain there will be another child filling out our family.
I'm not a hipster and I'm not a prep. (perhaps I'm classic, but I don't know about that either.)
I was 21, I'm not 30.

I want to embrace the position, the time, the place I'm currently at in my life but I can't help but feel like I'm not where I was and I'm on my way to something else, that I'm just in a hold over pattern until I get there. Is this that mid life crisis they always talk about or is this just a mid-20's new mom life change thing I got going on?

Also, on a side note, I can't seem to find clothes that I like that fit in with my lifestyle/age/style/SAHM-ness. I don't want to look like the high school/college girls, I don't need dress clothes since I don't have an office job anymore, I like cotton/machine washable with my pre-toddler around and I don't have a fortune to spend. Where is a stylist when you need one?

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  1. oh, girl. i feel you. that's tough.
    it's hard to find your happy medium.
    although, i must say... i shop at all those stores that you just mentioned.
    and i'm 23! it's definitely a challenge to incorporate a little bit of everything so you don't look cheap, young, old, and frumpy. ya know?

    i get a lot of my inspiration from weardrobe, lookbook, and chictopia. you should definitely check it out.


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