Happy weekend!

This week has been a long one for us, with T working extra long days at work and me + Bird trying to occupy our time in the house due to the lower temps outside. Here is what our weekend will look like:

Today: This afternoon we are going to do something that we have talked about non stop for about 2 days...after being super frugal and basic with our phones + phone plan over the past 2 years, we have decided to get iPhones. I've already called the store we're going to to make sure they have them and when T gets home, we're off!

Tonight: It is time for games night again with the Mister and hopefully some guests. If not, time to ourselves will be much appreciated. I'm thinking Life will get played this evening.

Saturday: It's our one year anniversary of being credit card debt free! We have remained CC debt free and proud of it. Since we are selling our house (fingers crossed!), just a few student loans stand in the way of our total debt freedom! I don't know how we'll celebrate today since it is also another anniversary of a not so happy event, but I'm sure it will be low key and perhaps involve pizza.

Sunday: I'm back to the nursery at church, full time volunteer again! I love my babies and I can't wait to hang out with the new ones this year. I thought that once I had my own that would be that but now I love spending time with them even more.

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