Day 1 - Six Items or Less

The experiment has started. Here are some pics of my six and T's six, including what I wore today:

Yellow Cardi, Green V-neck tee, Grey V-neck tee, Print skirt
Checkered button down and favorite jeans
Grey ghost tee, blue tee, striped button down, favorite jeans, cargo shorts, and khaki pants
This morning when I got up it was one less worry in my mind of what am I going to wear, which is good cause at 5 am, its time to just get started with the day and take care of Bird and her needs. I don't think it will really sink in that we are limited in our wardrobe until later this week when the repeats start happening.

T's initial thoughts on the experiment: Baby spit up is going to make this a challenge.  Other than that, the special events for this month make it hard since the items that I picked for those I don't wear that often.  But, maybe I should.

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