Happy weekend!

This weekend is more celebrations and friend time -

Tonight: T and I get to celebrate J and CD getting married. Sadly this might be one of the last times we get to see them also since they are going to be living in Texas after their honeymoon (J is there already and CD is moving down in a couple weeks.)  Nana is coming to stay with Bird while we're out tonight and she might even get a visit from her Uncle Chuckles, such a lucky girl!

Saturday: We're going to a high school graduation party for a friend's daughter and then we're hosting a BBQ for my women's small group.  Instead of meeting this summer for a book study, we've been having rotating BBQs at each others homes in a "getting to know you and your families" relaxed summer style.  A lot of us (read: 5!) have had babies in the past year so having a relaxing summer as we all get used to growing families has been great.

Sunday: No plans, which are sometimes the best plans.

Surprises: Hopefully none like last weekend, where I got sick from whatever Bird had and spent most of it sleeping and lounging.

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