Happy weekend!

This weekend is going to be packed with visitors, first meetings, old friends and celebrations:

My favorite band, Down the Line, is in town again and I'm a lucky girl because I get to go see them and my friend AS.  Yes, I just saw them in April, don't judge.

More cleaning/decluttering at my parents and a shopping spree for Bird's 1/2 birthday. Nana has been wanting to spoil her with some clothes for a while and who am I to say no? AC is in town from Idaho and is coming over for dinner and will be meeting Bird for the first time. Its been ages since we've seen each other and there is a lot to catch up on.

CD's bridal shower for the afternoon their wedding is in a week!) and then a bit of relaxing hopefully before the week revs up again.

Maybe a visit with JV who is in town for a week in the middle of her many travels.

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