Father's Day

Happy 1st Father's Day T!  To the best Father Bird has ever known: 

I can't imagine a better partner for me to parent our little Bird.  You have certainly stepped up to the challenge and are surpassing our every expectation.  Even during those sleepless nights, through the crying spells, and the nights home alone with Bird while I've worked, you've powered through and shown Bird that you are here for her no matter what.  You are there to soothe her, play games with her, rock her to sleep, feed and clothe her, and many more fatherly things.  I know you will be there to support her when she starts to walk, goes to school, has her first date, leaves home for the first time, gets married, and becomes a mother herself.  For now, here's to many more Father's Days for you and we hope you enjoy your first with your baby Bird.

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Rachel Anne

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