Rainy day garage sale

I'm going to live blog from our garage sale today!

  • We've been up since 7 this morning setting up for our garage sale.
  • Its now 930 am and we've had 5 customers, 2 sales, seen 2 cops speed down our road and its raining...all in all a good start to the day, time for hot cocoa!
  • We just had a frenzy of customers, and we're down a couch and some kitchen ware, now its time to price to move.
  • We had a big sale and got witnessed to, twice.
  • The rain has stopped for now and its noon, up to $150 so far!
  • Small break for lunch, KFC (T tried the Double Down)
  • Things have slowed down a bunch and we still have 3 hours to go.
  • 2 hours left, just sold a chainsaw that wasn't up for sale at the start of the day
  • Met a hard working man from Yugoslavia with a great story and an interest in miter saws
  • Got solicited for meat sales in our own driveway
  • T made our first fire in our new fire pit
  • Last minute rush by neighbors and closing down the sale a few minutes late...
Its been a day, time for pizza and counting dollars.

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