Its quiet around these parts

Bird is at her grandparents (RA's mom and dad) for the night!

This is her first overnight stay and the longest that she has been away from us. We dropped her off earlier this afternoon. After giving my mom crazy explicit directions on how to care for Bird, repeating myself at least 3 times about where to find pacifiers, diapers, and how often to feed her, I nursed her (and held her so close) and then T and I were on our way.

We stopped at Five Guys and had some dinner and then went to Sam's Club and wandered for a good long while, looking at anything and everything, just wasting time hanging out with one another. We made our way home and watched some MTV movie, Better Luck Tomorrow, and just vegged out together.

The plan for the rest of our time without
Bird is to sleep through the night, sleep in Sunday morning, go to church service, and then head to my parents for breakfast and to pick up our little Bird.

Off to enjoy the rest of our evening!

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