On resolutions

Last year, my resolutions were very simple, in fact my theme was to simply my life and I would like to say, I think I officially stuck to my guns and accomplished them all.

T and I paid off all our CC debt on September 11th, just over 3 months ahead of our original deadline. After finding out we were pregnant mid year, we were worried that we may not make it and also worried that if we didn't, it would affect the quality of life that we could have with our little one. I think that the pressure of the upcoming birth definitely helped to spur us forward and keep us on track when it came to this goal.

As far as not buying any new clothes this year, I would say I passed with a caveat. I didn't buy any clothes until June, when all of my pants became too big, due to random weight loss (I know, right?) from pregnancy. I was pretty upset about it, but realized it wasn't that I was just out to spend money, it was more of a necessity. I went shopping a few more times before the end of the year for maternity wear as my shirts started to get too short, but I've been very lucky that all my pants still fit under my growing belly and I didn't have to buy too many shirts. So I say that if I hadn't gotten pregnant, I wouldn't have bought any new clothes, so its a win for this goal.

Lastly, I definitely win on the less commitments goal, from stepping down as a full time nursery volunteer (I now substitute when needed), to sleeping for most of May-July, to not having much energy to do anything now a days, I was content to do less this year and to do more with what I chose to do. I hope I continue on this path this year, as I'm sure it will be busy enough, without a million extra plans.

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