October measuring up- So many changes...

There are so many updates and I've been away for so long so here they go:

The O's have officially moved :(
EO and PM are coming back!!!
Small groups that have changed up a bit will be starting this month
My major teeth issues are being fixed (read: costing tons of $$)
We are still making a dent in our debt while realizing life must be lived
The economy gives me a :( boo face

So lets talk about how our goals went for good old September:
  • add at least $75 in snowflakes to wedding fund - DONE! 124.96 to fund our wedding fun with friends
  • read a book of the bible together during the month of September - Mark -FAIL! Made it through the first chapter...
  • no eating out all month - so far, so good...I'm starting to have Jet's Pizza withdrawls... - DONE! By the end of the month it was habitual to cook dinner at home but we did enjoy our reward(s) when it was all over...
In light of my strong want to pull back and not be over committed/involved lately, we've decided against October goals...except that's kind of a goal...either way, ha!

Here is where our debt falls as of 10.1.08:

Card #1 - $2,347.23/$6,200 - 38%
Card #2 - $4,090.65/$6,500 - 63%
Card #3 - $1,418.95/$2,500 - 57%
Card #4 - $1,631.58/$2,000 - 82%
Paid vs. Total - $4,200.92/$13,689.33 - 31% of the way to CC debt elimination!

That's right, only 1% difference from last month...this is due to the eyes, the teeth and our decision to put some money away in savings as a mini buffer to rely on rather than our CC's in case something slightly major happens...mathematically not the best answer but it works for us.

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  1. Great idea to have a little bit in savings to use instead of credit cards!

    Best wishes with your debt reduction!


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