I've been bad...

So T and I went to the dentist today. I hadn't been to the dentist in 3 years...I know, I know...and now I'm paying for it, in so many ways.

I'm really mad at myself that over the past 3 years, my dental checkups have been so low on my priority list. I've been to the doctors and to get my eyes checked at regular intervals, and yet I just let my teeth fend for themselves.

Well the best part of the experience is that I got to return to my childhood dentist...who promptly told me about a number of cavities that I need to get taken care of. I expected the worst and I guess was pleasantly surprised. I thought the dentist would tell me my whole mouth was rotten and I'm getting dentures at 25.

I have to go back in two days and then we'll have a plan to take care of my cavities over the next year (thank you delayed insurance!) This may change some of our debt repayment plans, but at this point our health is more important. We just have to be faithful that everything will work out in its own time.

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