Why is summer so expensive?

Confession: we could be in better shape debtwise this month than we are...but there is a surprise in our August debt update despite that!

Does the summer just lend itself to being a spendy time of year? Does this mean we'll save a ton in the winter months?

This summer I think we have spent more on eating out, visiting friends, and having a nice time in the great weather than we originally planned. We are also planning to spend some cash on personal maintenance coming up soon (read: glasses, contacts, and dental exams!) Overall, our spending hasn't sent us to the poor house, due to some great planning ahead on our part and our frugal choices when we do choose to spend.

I think the warm weather makes you want to get out and have a good time and for some that means spending. Enjoy the long weekend and try not to spend too much...I'll be back after Labor Day with a recap of our debt and goals!

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