Being too hard on myself

Today has been a rough day spiritually.

See, I've decided to volunteer to lead a high school girls small group at my church this fall. While I'm really, really excited about it, I'm also really, really nervous. I know that I have the support of my husband and the church staff and that I wouldn't commit to this if I didn't feel called to do something like this. I think it is more of a reflection time that I'm going through, which in all honesty is a great thing at a time like this.

Also, I ran across this today on a random blog and it was crazy to hear my thoughts echoed elsewhere regarding children, timing and the Lord. T and I have talked about kids and timing off and on for the past year seriously, and sometimes this comes up. Who are we to tell God, "We don't trust you with this decision quite yet. We have our own plan for now." and then call on Him later when we need Him to keep our children safe. It is as though we are only giving Him reign over certain parts of our life, when really we want Him to be at the center of all the things we do and feel, guiding us, showing us the amazing plan He has for our lives.


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