We're going camping

In light of the wedding being called off, we decided to go ahead and cancel our trip to NY, for good. The hotel cost will be refunded minus a $25 cancellation fee. The refund will be split up as such.

25% - Travel savings
75% - Debt snowflake

Our travel savings is now going towards our camping trip, with any leftovers being snowflaked to debt as originally planned.

T and I are really excited to go camping. This will be our second camping trip together and our first since getting married. Actually (hopefully!) this will be our first successful camping trip, since during the first one we took we both were sick and left after one night!

We will be camping up in northern Michigan, near T's hometown, for 2 nights. There is a lake, beach front, trails, and best of all, restrooms with showers!

I'm looking forward to this much needed mini-vaca!

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