Friends near and far

This week I am so blessed that I get to spend time with so many of my friends...

-M and A from our small group came over last night and we had dinner, dessert (OREO Klondike bars!) and coffee/tea and just hung out at our place. New homeowner chatter abounded and I got to learn about some of the traditions around Korean weddings.

-Tomorrow I get to see one of my oldest friends, CZ, as we have a Mary Kay afternoon...

This is to be followed by a business dinner at Benihana with none other than my N from NY! She surprised me today with the news that she would be in town and I can't wait. Hopefully it will be a bit of fun in a stress-free place as her new promotion and wedding planning have her in a tizzy.

-Friday I get to travel to the West side of the state to visit S in the form of a goodbye overnight trip. She's moving to my old stomping grounds, Los Angeles, and we have to get in some face time before she's on the other coast, three hours behind.

The Lord is good for bringing so many of my favorite people into my life this week.

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