Customer service error

One of the best parts about a new house is getting all new things for it. Like appliances, toilet paper holders, blinds...ya know, the basics.

Well we decided it was time to scrap our "white" Ikea loveseat in lieu of a new living room set. So we moseyed on down to good 'ole Art Van and found a nice set that we thought would look great in our house. Simple, classic, not too fancy...

"When can we have it delivered?"
"Tuesday between 10 and 1." (which by the way is an estimate, not a guarantee...and also its an estimate of arrival time, not total delivery time...)

So, it arrives and is set up, the chairs that is...and we wait about two days to set up the tables cause we've been busy...

So we open the boxes for the tables, and lo and behold, they are not the tables that we ordered at all...They are nice from what we can see, but not what we picked out.

We immediately flash back to the day we ordered the furniture, the sales people all confused about what went with what, lamps over here and tables that matched. We thought it had all gotten figured out. We were wrong.

Our hypothesis is that the display was wrong and the tables that arrived at our house are indeed the tables that match the set, though we were led to believe otherwise.

We'll let you know what we think after they are all set up and we take a moment to ponder the situation.

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