I did it aka first shopping trip along with the kids

Today I decided to brave the elements that are my two children and hit up Target and Walmart on my own. I figured if I just think I can do it and think it won't be difficult then it won't be. In some ways that theory was spot on. In others, it was a giant fail.

Everything just takes that much longer. Every.thing.

We headed to Target first, right after Ham was fed and Bird had pottied (she's potty trained but still in the early stages.) Everyone was happy and full and compliant which is what I needed to get through this trip. I strapped Ham on my chest and placed Bird in the cart and we were off. We returned a couple things and then began to leisurely shop. Bad idea. Once we got into the list that I had brought with me I hear, "Potty, Mama." Since I'm glad she's telling me and not just going, we raced over to the family restroom and I tried to bargain with her to go inside and potty. Finally, she goes and we're back to shopping. Lucky for me little Ham is sound asleep, tucked in his wrap. One snack bag of puffs and a whole list later, we check out, chat with a new friend for a minute and head to the car.

Of course this is when Ham decided to wake up. I changed him in the front seat while the wind (30 mph gusts) whipped the car doors around and Bird screamed happily about Foofa from her car seat. I settled into the passenger seat to nurse him quickly, as I knew he wouldn't just fall back asleep on the car ride. Bird quietly read her book to herself for a few minutes. Success.

Back in the car seat with Ham. Quick stop to get gas. Bird had fallen asleep in the 10 minutes we were in the car on the way to Walmart. I woke her up, got Ham back in the wrap and headed in for groceries. He quickly fell asleep again. It was close to lunch time and you could tell since Bird kept asking for things off the shelves and I gave in time and again because it all looked so good. This part of the trip was actually pretty fast as I had laid out my list by aisle and had my little helper stock the cart for me. Checkout was uneventful and we headed to the car to finally go home.

Of course this is when Ham decided to wake up. This time I hedged my bets and strapped him in, since we were headed right home. Now I will mention that he does not like pacifiers, so he cries until whatever is making him uncomfortable is fixed. So the whole way home, after spitting the pacifier out, he cried until I could get him inside and feed him again. I left everything in the car, minus Bird, and put both kids down for a nap after some milk for the each of them. Once all was quiet, I brought in the haul for the morning, put everything away and proceeded to have a little lunch, consisting of pizza, strawberries and Vitamin water!

Overall, not the worst experience. I've just learned that I have to take my time and not be too set in my plans when I head out with the two of them.

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