February '12

Tristan had been in talks with a couple of different golf course superintendents regarding assistant positions for a few weeks and we were just in limbo to hear back from the courses. Each one represented a different adventure. There was just so much up in the air: When is the baby going to arrive, which course is going to offer him a job, how soon will be have to move?

After what seemed like forever, the right offer came our way, from Prestwick CC in IL. Two days later, our little Ham joined us on the 9th. All the worrying and questions were finally answered, though many more surfaced. I was in a kind of planner's heaven though, because now I could get down to the details of things, like where to move, when we were going, booking movers and shipping pods, changing addresses, and all that fun (!) stuff.

After Ham was born, we took a couple days to relax at home and just celebrate and recover as a new family of four. Bird loved on her little brother and we loved on the both of them.

The following Thursday we headed on a home hunting trip to IL, complete with our 2 year old and 1 week old. Some may think we're crazy, spending 2 nights in hotel room with these kids so soon after welcoming an addition to the family. All I say to that is, the clock was ticking and we had to find a home sooner than later. We spent a day checking out places we'd found online, through referrals, and using a realtor. Lucky for us, the weather was great and the kids did amazing with all the in and out of the car and being off schedule. We ended up finding a great place, in a pretty cute location and got all the paperwork taken care of all in 2 days.

We came back, and with the help of our great family and friends, we packed up, said our goodbyes and moved to Joliet, IL on March 1st! I was and still am amazed at the outpouring of help from everyone, from meals, to lending a hand with the packing to just stopping by to hold little Ham for a couple hours. We were surrounded by the most amazing people who care for us.

Ham - 2/9/2012 | 8 lbs. 11 oz. | 21 in. | 12:52 pm 

One-eyed glance | Standard

So in love


Sister & Brother

Knocked out at the hotel

Father & Son

Uncle time

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