Life in Photos: an update

I have no excuses my friends. I've been around, just living the day to day.

Here's what it looked like:

I've been writing over here a lot!
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my parents and lots of good food. I even spent the afternoon whipping up this stuffing (at T's request) and everyone actually liked it

Showered one of my best friends as she is expecting as well (we're due about a month apart)

We finally got a bit of work done at the new place, months later

Bird had her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich, yea for no peanut allergies

We took a trip to the science center, c/o free passes from our local library

Having business meetings with myself about what is in store for G + T in year 2
I've been growing this little man and can't wait to see him in a couple months

Winter weather is here, but we're still getting out to have some fun

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  1. a baby! congrats to you and your little family. also, your thanksgiving meals looks amazing.


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