The weekend

This past weekend was one of my favorite kinds, the ones where you just get to relax, have no real plans and everything is exactly what you want to be doing right then.

*We checked out the pool in our new neighborhood. I would say it was a win-lose outcome. Bird did not like the pool but enjoyed playing outside of it and laying in the sun with T. The "best" part was the comic flirting done by the teen girls with the lifeguard/pool watcher. Ah, to be young again.

*An early morning trek to Trader Joe's was made to pick up some challah bread for an epic french toast + bacon breakfast.

*Family photo/video shoot for Andrea's lovely Flair in her Hair. Me and Bird got to model and there are some pretty funny outtakes from the evening. I'm so excited to see the final product. We also got a couple good "family of 3" shots since we haven't had any good ones done since last summer.

*We visited and had dinner with my parents since my older brother is in town. It was so fun to see Bird run around their backyard, giggling and "playing soccer."

*Took a walk to get ice cream with my other older brother, T and Bird. Again, the youths were cracking me up with their antics. While we ate our Blizzards we watched some kids try to get their lacrosse sticks out of an evergreen tree they had been stuck in (?) and a gaggle of young girls run back and forth in front of side street traffic while their parents were not watching. I definitely got sassed by one of the girls when I mentioned that they might not want to be doing that. I'm officially old.

*A few orders for the shop got sent out and I got to work on some new pieces for the show I'm participating in come July!

bridal + mint chocolate chip - coming soon!

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