What I wore Wednesday...and why

Lots of bloggers show off what they wore on Wednesdays and I thought I'd jump in and show you what I wore in my hair today and why.

Don't mind the smudges in the mirror, c/o Bird

I have a serious love in my heart for children, babies especially, as anyone who knows me can attest to. Becoming a mother was one of the greatest joys of my life and I love the moments I get to share with my little Bird.

One of my new blog friends, Crystal has been writing about her best friend that just lost her baby at 23 weeks gestation and about another friend that lost her 4 month old the same day. I cannot begin to imagine the heartache these mothers and families are going through right now. I'm crying just typing this out.

The Staats, that lost their little girl Maddie, asked for people to wear bows today in honor of Maddie to remember her on the day of her burial service. I didn't really have any bows, but today I adorned my hair and the hair of my daughter with rosebud pins to remember Maddie and all the other kids that we lost too soon; the pins became little reminders to pray and be thankful of the time we have with each other and here on earth to do God's will. It was just such a little thing but it kept me prayerful all day, kept me thankful and reminded me to extend grace because you really never know what someone else is going through.

 Bird's hairpin - via Flair in Her Hair (my friend Andrea's shop!); my hairpin - via heart of light


  1. Rachel, you are so amazing. This post made me tear up big time. You rock momma.

  2. oh my goodness - my heart just broke. thanks for sharing, friend.

    btw love the headband - you look darling :)

  3. "Extending grace"--I love that term! And you're right--though there are always so many people going through better times, there are always so many people going through worse times!

    It was very kind of you to wear the rosebud pins, in memoriam!

    It was also very kind of you to send my niece-in-law, Jess, the Starbucks giftcard!

    Extending grace, indeed!


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