Valentine's surprises

I was so blessed on Feb 14th.

See, T and I had already had our Valentine's day last Friday when my parents had Bird for a sleepover and we got to go out and celebrate my brother Charles's 32nd birthday and have some dinner.

So I was very surprised when I heard the door open early around 1 pm and T walk through the door, hands full with this:

Now the first present was that he got out of work and was home early - Bird and I loved that!

Then, even though we weren't really doing gifts this year, he went ahead and got me a bouquet of flowers. He knows I'm not a roses girl and I love this bright bunch he picked out, makes me feel like spring is really right around the corner.

Instead of a box of chocolates, he got me some of my other chocolate favorites - Mini Kit Kats and Chips Deluxe Rainbow chocolate chip cookies!

To top off the spread he picked up my favorite cheapy chapsticks, Blistex Fruit Smoothies.

I am one happy Goose!

And because she was so cute, here is Bird in her V-day outfit, complete with fresh Sambas from Uncle Charles:

I didn't forget about my mister, he got his present, a cute button down plaid shirt, on Friday as a surprise!

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